Bath Bombs & Bath Truffles: What’s the Difference?

If you’ve ever wondered the difference between Buff’s iconic Bath Bombs and one-of-a-kind Bath Truffles, you are not alone. Bath Bombs and Bath Truffles are two different products with similar characteristics. 

How are they similar?

Buff’s Bath Bombs and Bath Truffles have a lot in common. Both provide a burst of wonderful scents when dropped into a warm bath. Both create an ultra-moisturizing spa-like bath experience. Both leave your skin feeling soft and smelling wonderful. 

How are they different?

The key difference between Buff’s Bath Bombs and Bath Truffles is this: the Bath Truffle is a buttery version of the Bath Bomb, packing an extra moisture-rich punch that leaves your skin feeling luxuriously soft.

If your skin is extra dry or just needs an infusion of moisture, drop a Bath Truffle in your tub and watch the magic fizz into your skin. Soap Makers’ Secret: you can decorate your very own Bath Truffle at one of our Soap Makeries—just ask one of our expert Soap Makers!

Where can I get Buff’s Bath Truffles?

Find our handmade Bath Truffles at a Soap Makery near you! We’ve got a variety of Buff Scents to choose from, including Island Nectar, Lavender, Narcissist, All Hail The Queen. Don’t forget to ask one of our Soap Makers if you can customize your very own scent while visiting one of our Soap Makeries! 

Where can I get Buff’s Bath Bombs?

Our handmade Bath Bombs are available for purchase at our Soap Makeries and online in a variety of Buff’s best-selling Scents, including Island Nectar, Oatmeal + Honey, Magnolia, Lavender, Good Morning Sunshine, Narcissist, Coconut, All Hail The Queen. 

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