Buff City Soap has the Perfect Valentine's Day Soaps

If you’re looking to get a jump start on Valentine’s Day shopping, you’ve come to the right place! Buff City Soap has fresh, handmade daily products that are sure to impress your Valentine. No matter who you choose as your Valentine(s), we’ve got a Soap that is right for them!

For your go-to brunch buddy: 

That’s easy. You can’t go wrong with our Champagne Bubbles Soap for your fun-loving brunch buddy or deserving work wife/husband. This New Year Seasonal Soap smells like Grapefruit & Brunch with notes of Bergamot, Mandarin, Freesia, & Rose.

For your best friend: 

Surprise them with the one and only On Wednesdays We Wear Pink Soap. With the perfect balance of sugar and musk—just like your oldest friend who will most likely be able to recite every quote from the iconic movie that inspired this Soap—On Wednesdays We Wear Pink is one of our limited-edition New Year Seasonal Soaps, so grab it while you can. Smells like Coconuts & Convertibles with notes of Coconut, Vanilla, Cream, & Musk.

For your princess-loving toddler: 

Glass Slipper is the obvious choice here. If Cinderella had a favorite scent, this would definitely be it! Glass Slipper—another New Year Seasonal Soap—smells like Peppermint & Princess with notes of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Midnight Galas, & a Lost Shoe.

And finally, for your special someone:

All Hail the Queen because a happy wife/husband (or fiancé or partner or person you’ve been casually seeing for the past few weeks) equals happy life, so spoil them this Valentine’s Day with Soap fit for a queen! All Hail the Queen smells like Citrus & Crown with notes of Citrus, Bergamot, Sweet Orange, & Iris.
So, don't leave Valentine's Day shopping to the last minute—stock up at your local Buff City Soap today and spoil all your Valentines this year! Here's to a sweet-smelling Valentine's Day!
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