How to Use a Shower Fizzy

 In need of a little aromatherapy, but don’t have time for a bath? Swap out your Bath Bomb for a Shower Fizzy! Buff's Shower Fizzies add a little fizz to your shower routine while enveloping you with delightfully smelling scents, so you can unwind after a long stressful day, enjoy a morning pick-me-up, or anything in between.

To use our Shower Fizzy, simply place it on the floor of your shower, directly under the stream of water (or just outside the stream of water if taking a longer shower). The Shower Fizzy will begin to release aromas as it dissolves. Each Shower Fizzy is typically good for one use, however, if you’re not looking for a long steamy shower, but rather a quick in-and-out, you can break it in half and use it on two separate occasions.

Buff City Soap Makeries provide a variety of Scents and you can even create a customized scent—just ask one of our expert Soap Makers! Below are our Signature Shower Fizzy Scents.

Hey Headache Shower Fizzy: Looking for some aromatherapy relief during a migraine or headache? Try our new Hey Headache Shower Fizzy! Smells like Mint & Morning Breeze with notes of Peppermint, Mint Eucalyptus, Vanilla, & Sandalwood.

Narcissist Shower Fizzy: One of our Signature Scents, this wonderfully scented Narcissist Shower Fizzy is a popular choice and will most likely make you want to stay in the shower longer than necessary. Smells like Peachwood & Me Time with notes of Peaches, Raspberries, & Patchouli Sandalwood.

Breathe Shower Fizzy: Perfect for those looking for a little pick-me-up, our Breathe Shower Fizzy smells like Peppermint & Fresh Air with notes of Rosemary & Peppermint. A great way to start the day.

Eucalyptus Shower Fizzy: Help soothe away the daily aches of long stressful days with our refreshingly scented Eucalyptus Shower Fizzy. Smells like Pine & Pick Me Up with notes of Mint, Pine, & Honey.

Not only do our delightfully scented Shower Fizzies help you to escape the troubles of daily life for a moment or two, but they also leave you feeling and smelling wonderful. Head to a Buff City Soap Makery today to or shop our quality products online and start smelling wonderful today!

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