Smell Like Sunshine with Buff’s Summer Seasonal Soaps

Summer is finally here and so are Buff's Summer Seasonal Soaps! We've got six new limited-edition Soaps, including Hot Summer, Take a Hike, Sunday Morning, Nifty Narwhal, White Jasmine, and Love, Buff. These delightfully scented Soaps will have you feeling fresh and smelling like sunshine. Stop by a Soap Makery and smell our Summer Seasonal Soaps—available through August while supplies last at a Buff City Soap near you! Availability may vary by store location—check with your local Makery.

Hot Summer

Here's to another Hot Girl Summer, featuring Buff's soon-to-be iconic Hot Summer Soap! Hot Summer smells like Lime Wedges & Summer Selfies with notes of Citrus, Eucalyptus, Salty Sea Air, & Mint.

Take a Hike

Next time you say, say it with soap—Buff’s Take a Hike Soap to be specific! Perfect for the men in your life. Take a Hike smells like Pine Needles & Bigfoot with notes of Mint, Blossoms, Cypress, Nature, & Fresh Air.

Sunday Morning

Make weekday mornings as easy as Sunday mornings, with our new Sunday Morning Soap! Follow up with a mug of tea or coffee for best results. Smells like Sugar & All I Need with notes of Grapefruit, Tangerine, Rain Showers, Cypress & Geranium.

Nifty Narwhal

What do you get when you mix our Mermaid Soap with our Unicorn Soap? Buff's Nifty Narwhal Soap! Now you can always be a narwhal (and smell wonderful). Nifty Narwhal smells like Apples & A Tall Tale with notes of Rose, Mango, Passionfruit, & Exotic Florals.

White Jasmine

No perfume necessary when using Buff's White Jasmine Soap. Its intoxicating and romantic combination of smells will leave them wanting more. White Jasmine smells like Apple Blossoms & Delightful Afternoons with notes of Jasmine, Exotic Florals, Citrus, & Warm Cedarwood.

Love, Buff

Here's to spreading love and wonderful smells with our new Soap—Love, Buff. Love, Buff smells like Roses & Parade with notes of Magnolia, Aloe, Wisteria, & Melon.

Stop into your local Makery today or shop online and stock up on our new, limited-edition Summer Soaps for you and all your whole summer squad.

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