What is activated charcoal?

On the list of trending soap ingredients, activated charcoal ranks somewhere near the top. Over the last few years, we’ve seen it really explode in popularity, especially in facial products. But do most people really know where it comes from? The name is a little strange, isn’t it? Its origins are easy enough to understand, and its benefits are wide-reaching!

Is it really made from charcoal?

Sorta. There are a few different materials you can make activated charcoal out of -- like wood, regular coal, and peat, just to name a few. Ours is made from coconut husks! The husks are burnt at an incredibly high temperature. This transforms it into a porous, lightweight material.

What makes it “activated?”

Once it’s transformed into the burnt, porous materials, it’s then considered activated. Because it’s so porous, it’s natural ability to absorb toxins is increased drastically. This ability is what makes it so great! It’s like activating its superpower, right?

The negative charge of the charcoal surface encourages positively charged toxins to bind to it. When you add water, the toxins & activated charcoal then bind to the water and are rinsed away. See ya, bad news.

Why we love activated charcoal.

Besides its dramatic black color, we love activated charcoal for its many skin benefits. It’s known to be great for oily skin. Even used in just a basic facial bar, the activated charcoal can help draw out excess oils from skin. Add it to a face mask and it’s known to give you better benefits. The mask can help bind more strongly to dirt and oil on your skin and pulls these toxins out from your pores. When pores are cleared of all that gunk, it makes them appear smaller. Even just regular old air pollution can add unwanted toxins to your skin! We know it’s a scary world out there, but thankfully activated charcoal is here and can help.

You might also notice that the activated charcoal gives soap a slightly gritty texture. This works as a gentle exfoliant. If you want a little more power behind your scrub, well, we’ve got that too. Learn about our facial scrub here.

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