What is coconut oil?

Today we turn the spotlight on coconut oil, one of our most versatile and commonly used ingredients at Buff City Soap. Of all our raw ingredients, most people are pretty familiar with coconut oil, and you probably have some in your kitchen right now. The keto and paleo health craze of the last few years has it booming in commercial production, but we’ve been a fan from the start. It’s one of the main ingredients in our soap (and a few other standout products), but what’s all the fuss about?

From Beach to Bar
We’ve all seen a coconut, right? If you’re picturing tropical beaches and white sand, hey, we are too. Once it’s harvested, the oil is produced from the white fleshy part of the coconut. If you have your own jar of coconut oil in the kitchen, then you’re familiar with the soft, but firm state at room temperature. Put it in a warm room, and it starts to get a little melty and can quickly turn into a liquid.

Fatty acids are the secret weapon behind coconut oil’s many uses. Ranked among other oils, it has one of the highest contents of saturated fat. Palm oil is also another popular ingredient that has a high-fat content, but we’ll save that discussion for another day. The high-fat content of coconut oil makes it ideal as a moisturizer for skin. It is readily absorbed, penetrating several layers of skin and providing deep moisture, rather than simple surface-level hydration.

When added into soap these fatty acids help harden the soap bars, essentially increasing the longevity of the bar and extending uses. At the same time, its water solubility creates an amazing lather. Win-win!

We’re nuts about it.
We go through a lot of coconut oil over here. It’s a star ingredient in all our soaps, perfectly helping to moisturize and soothe skin. We took it to the next step though! You can also find it in our Nourishing Facial Cream as a gentle moisturizer that won’t leave you feeling greasy. There’s one Buff City Product though that you probably wouldn’t guess has coconut oil--Laundry Soap! We combine it with lots of citric acid and washing powder to give your clothes a powerful scrub. And the best part is you can scent our Laundry Soap with any Buff City fragrance, your pick!

So, next time you spot a coconut on the beach (hello, why didn’t you invite us?) or one sitting next to the bananas at the grocery store, imagine all the uses that little guy can live up to!

"I'd love to be able to offer people an alternative to the detergent-based, commercial soaps because what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it."