What is shea butter?

Meet shea butter, a moisture miracle and skin superfood! For something that comes from a tiny nut, it sure does pack a lot of power. We use shea butter in so many of our products (like the ever-popular Whipped Body Butter), but what makes it so great anyway? 

Shea What?

Once it’s extracted from the Shea tree nut, we get our shea butter in a semi-solid state. It melts at body temperature, which makes leaving it in your car in the summer a bad idea, but makes it absorb perfectly into skin. You might even spot the block of shea butter when you walk into a Buff City Soap on the makery bar. Ask a Maker, and they’d be happy to show it to you!

Science and Shea

There are lots of big words we could spout off to impress you with our knowledge of shea, but we thought we’d keep it simple! First off is fatty acids--these are what help balance the oils on your skin. They help to “refat” the oils and quickly absorb into your skin, making it look and feel less dry. They also help restore the barrier between your skin and the outside world, better keeping in the moisture. 

Next up are a few key vitamins that all skin needs— Vitamins A, E, and F. They work together to promote cell growth and can help circulation. Even with all these super ingredients in shea butter, it won’t clog your pores (meaning it’s non-comedogenic.) No wonder it’s been used in cosmetics for centuries!

What We Use Shea For

Shea is often to the superstar of our highly-moisturizing products, like premium soaps and body butter. Our premium soaps are available in some of our best-selling fragrances but packed with extra moisture from the shea butter.

Our Whipped Body Butter really lets the shea butter shine through as the main ingredient. With so much air whipped in, it’s no longer recognizable from the original block of solid shea butter. We add just a touch of olive oils, essential oils, and fragrance to bring it to life and one of our favorite Buff City products is born.

Shea butter also makes an appearance in our ultra-moisturizing bath bombs and lotion bars, too. And if you’d like an extra dose of shea, our bath truffles have even more than our regular bath bombs. So no matter how you like your hydration delivered, there’s plenty of Buff City to try! And with winter right on our heels, we’ll take all the extra moisture we can get.

"I'd love to be able to offer people an alternative to the detergent-based, commercial soaps because what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it."