Aqua Spa Shea Butter Soap

Shea Butter Soap


Turn your shower into a fancy spa with our Aqua Spa Soap. We’ve taken rose and lily and energized them with hints of orange and lemon for a fresh and intoxicating scent that will leave you feeling as good as new, and threw in a healthy dose of shea butter to moisturize and soften your skin.


All of our soaps are free of harsh chemicals, detergents, and preservatives, and contain plant oils – coconut, palm, and olive, with the addition of shea butter to leave your skin extra moisturized. You can feel the results after your first shower! Our soaps smell wonderful too. We use essential oils and/or phthalate and paraben free fragrances in all of our products. We can also customize a batch of soap for you based on allergies, skin conditions, and scent preferences. The possibilities are endless!


Lather up with your favorite loofah, washcloth, or poof and get clean. If you want your soap to last longer, let it air dry on a wooden slatted soap dish in between showers and baths.

Coconut, olive, and palm oil with shea butter, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, and mica for coloring. We have scented this soap with fragrance oils that are phthalate and paraben free!

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