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Get the most out of your Buff City Soap with our Soap Sleeves. It creates a lush lather, gently exfoliates, and when your soap shrinks and is otherwise too small to use, it still lathers up in the Soap Sleeve.


Our Soap Sleeves can actually help your handmade soaps last longer. Whether you want to keep your new soaps dry or add a little extra exfoliation to your life, our Soap Sleeves can help.

Simply open the pouch, drop your soap in, and cinch the drawstring closed.

  1. Lauren

    This soap sleeve made my soap bar last a month to the day. Awesome product….it definitely extends the life of each bar….it pays for itself!!!!

  2. Bill

    Two stars because I like the idea and it is nice to use, but lasting quality doesn’t seem to be there. Mine hasn’t lasted through the first bar before becoming discombobulated. Appears to be held together at bottom by a small zip tie. Looks like mine broke so it’s unraveling. I can’t attach a picture or would.

  3. rbaum.scs

    Love the sleeve. My bar lasts longer, and it helps exfoliate my dry areas well. I have one in every bathroom. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. charity lawson

    I love the soaps but I bought the sleeve in August 2018 and it was falling apart before Christmas… I love all of their other products just wont be buying this again 🙁

  5. karen ontell

    I love my soaps & the sleeve that I got. The sleeve is such a fantastic idea! it not only is great for when the soap gets small but lightly scrubs my body & suds me all over. I just cant speak more highly about the sleeve and the amazing soaps I purchased in Naples, Florida while on vacation. I live in NJ & wish we had a store close by. I will be visiting again & stocking up! Thank you for making such an earth, people, animal, body friendly product! Plus they Smell Soooo Goood!

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