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Bar Soap

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The Narcissist is a true beauty that lathers gently and moisturizes the skin. It Is also a Buff City bestseller that blends peaches, raspberries, and patchouli sandalwood for a clean and lasting scent.

All of our soaps are made with skin loving ingredients, which means they don’t include harsh chemicals, artificial detergents, or preservatives. Just plant oils – coconut, palm, and olive. Our soaps smell wonderful too. We use fragrance oils that are phthalate and paraben free. You can feel the difference after your first shower! We also create custom batches of soap based on allergies, skin conditions, and scent preferences. Endless possibilities!


Lather up with your favorite loofah, washcloth, or poof and get clean. If you want your soap to last longer, let it air dry on a wooden slatted soap dish in between showers and baths.

Coconut, olive, and palm oil with distilled water, sodium hydroxide, and mica for coloring. We have scented this soap with fragrance oils that are phthalate and paraben free!

  1. N/A

    I use these soap in my closets to give my clothes a fresh and pleasant smell! It really works!

  2. Hope

    I love the smell it is so refreshing!

  3. N/A

    I have one of my students gave me the Narcissist Soap as a gift. It smelled wonderful! Sadly, my husband started using my soap and was quickly gone. So, I just had to buy more!

  4. Ashton

    This soap smells so amazing and has such a long lasting scent. Most bar soaps I’ve tried in the past -both mass marketed and handmade- have left my sensitive skin extremely dry, but this soap didn’t strip my skin, and when I paired with with the matching shower oil and body butter my skin became luminous and just about the softest I’ve ever touched!

  5. Fox

    I received this soap as a Christmas present and I love it!!! I will be ordering with you all soon!

  6. VRehnea

    I order about 20 bars at a time and it’s amazing…!! I guess I need to branch out and try other fragrances..!!

  7. Karla Seely

    Used the Kiss My Ash tonight. Will never need a nightcap again. It’s a drink when it comes to relaxing you. Amazing!

  8. mturnerwilliams

    Love, love, love it. I’m a senior citizen and this scent brings you back to life. It makes heads turn. Not too strong and perfume like. Fresh, sexy scent and light.

  9. Patty Graham

    My daughter gave me a bar of this, and I love it! I am ordering more.

  10. Cynthia

    We cannot get enough of this soap! It has def become our favorite. I have also given away many a bar of Buff City narcissist to friends, family and even colleagues. And the name always makes us smirk a bit. 😉

  11. Clarise Lewis

    This soap is Hypnotic not only does it smell Heavenly it moisturizes your skin and makes it soft and supple I gave my cousin the oatmeal products and she loved them they also smell good but my favorite is a narcissist can’t wait to try the other fragrances

  12. Megan

    One of my favorite smells! It is divine!!!

  13. Courtney Monaghan

    Amazing smelling soap that lasts! I can’t get enough.

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