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Shampoo Bar

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Buff City Shampoo Bars are easy to use, lather up nicely, smell great, and are super moisturizing. Plus, they travel well. What could be better? Just add singing to your shower routine for optimal enjoyment.


Buff City Shampoo Bars are easy to use, lather up nicely, smell great, and are super moisturizing. Plus, they travel well. What could be better? Just add singing to your shower routine for optimal enjoyment.

Lather up in your hands and apply to hair. Shampoo and rinse as usual. Then, enjoy your freshly scented glossy, moisturized locks.

Coconut oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, argan oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, and fragrance oils that are phthalate and paraben free!

  1. smaycock

    My hair is nearly 3ft long and very oily. I replaced my shampoo and conditioner and have had people that don’t know me but see me every day comment on how great my hair looks! The tea tree one makes my hair smell AMAZING! Doesn’t dry my hair out nor leave it feeling greasy.

  2. Jill

    I have been using liquid shampoo my whole life, but hate how much plastic used in the bottles. I have very long hair and shampoo either tends to dry my hair out or leave my hair oily. I bought the Tea Tree bar and so far I am really enjoying it. Warning though, if you do not like the smell of tea tree oil, this is not for you! My only complaint; however, is that it came shrink-wrapped in plastic. I would love it if they were just sold naked or in biodegradable packaging.
    I would recommend their shampoo to anyone trying to branch out from the liquid!

  3. virginiabyars (verified owner)

    I love these shampoo bars! I feel like they really get my hair clean without having all of the harmful chemicals that I have seen in other shampoo bars. I have tried a bunch of scents and loved all of them. My one issue is that I wish these bars as well as the charcoal face bar were packaged in paper or some sort of other non-plastic packaging.

  4. Olivia

    I made the switch to shampoo bars last year and I am SO happy about it. My hair loves it, I love it when I’m travelling (one less liquid to fit into your tiny carry on liquid allotment) and I feel better about the lack of plastic bottles I’m using. I agree with other reviewers, however, that I would much prefer it if they were sold naked or in non-plastic packaging, even if it is recyclable. I also wish it was available in the range of scents they have for their other products, but I do enjoy the ones they have!

  5. Taylor

    I switched from “regular” shampoo (Pantene, other liquid brands) about 3 months ago when I stepped into buff city for the first time. I originally got Narcissist, which smelled amazing. It lathers SO WELL, a few swipes down the length of my hair and it creates HUGE lather. It makes my hair feel TRULY clean. After rinsing out, it feels a bit squeaky, which is easily fixed by using a hair oil in or out of the shower in damp/wet hair. I ran out because my boyfriend was also using it because he loved it so much, and I hadn’t been to the store again, so I had to use regular shampoo again. I realized how much I liked the shampoo bar during that time. This time around I got Good Morning Sunshine, which smells so fresh and heavenly! I would definitely recommend this smell, as it lasts longer than narcissist. I have used other shampoo bars from Lush, and these are MUCH better! They are actual soap consistency, making it last longer and it won’t wash away so easily. I will never use another brand of shampoo ever!

  6. Danielle Banerjee

    I bought the Hello Sunshine shampoo bar and was super excited to try it because of less packaging and clean ingredients . On a positive note ti smells amazing and it truly lathers very easily in my hair. However, I cannot use it because its not very easy to get out of my hair . No matter how long I rinse my hair out there is a film or wax coating that remains in my hair making it hard to comb and unclean feeling. I was disappointed by this . Not sure if its just Hello sunshine that performs this way?

    • Jennifer Ziemianin

      Hi Danielle! When switching to a natural shampoo, your hair will go through a “detox” period, where all product buildup is removed from the hair shaft. This can leave it feeling dull and waxy as all of that buildup is loosened and removed. Buildup doesn’t happen overnight, so it does take a few days to remove! I always recommend using for at least 7 days before making a decision on whether you like it or not!

  7. Gina

    I have been using the shampoo/conditioner bars for about 2 weeks now. I love how well the shampoo bar lathers and it really does get your hair clean and adds more volume to my hair. I am also happy to be a little bit more plastic free. I will say the conditioner bars are not hydrating enough for my hair (which is normal-not too oily or dry) the shampoo bar strips my hair so dry that I need alot more conditioning. This is easily solved with a leave in conditioner (I use a spray conditioner “It’s A 10” from Ulta) but I would love it if the conditioner bars could moisturize better to compensate for how well the shampoo bar strips all the oils out of your hair lol

  8. Melissa

    I’m a convert! This is my 2nd time trying shampoo bars. The first brand I tried (Ethique) dried my hair out very badly, even after using their conditioner bars! I now use Buff City Soaps and all I need is a little hair oil (I just use Buff City body oil and it works brilliantly) and a salt texturizing spray I made from the body oil and epsom salt. I’m absolutely in love with every single product I’ve tried!

  9. Maddy

    I have started using “natural” hair products, meaning no sulfates in my hair, and I love that y’all do this! I can continue my natural hair care and use less plastic!

  10. Lauren

    I finally ran out of my old liquid shampoo, and made the switch to this bar shampoo. I have long, medium thick, curly hair. I’ve been transitioning to the curly girl method, but this whole method takes so much product and plastic. I decided I would experiment and use the bar shampoo. So far, my hair is still detoxing, but it looks very promising. My curls aren’t getting super tight, but they have a beautiful uniformity to them (more wavy now). They could start coiling once I get through the detox. I did my 3rd wash last nice, and had a lot of waxy buildup wash out. I had to really scrub it, but it did come out. My roots have so much more volume and shine. Still some work to do. I can feel where my hair feels weighed down, so I’ll try and concentrate on removing the buildup from there.

    Also, my husband tried the shampoo. I warned him that he would probably hate it (he is pretty loyal to his head and shoulders brand) loved it! He said he was amazed. He did one swipe down his head, and got a rich lather. He also said his hair felt very clean afterwards.

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