Laundry Soap

Laundry Soap

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Laundry in the buff? Why not! Now your clothes can keep your favorite Buff City scent with you all day long.


Our Laundry Soap is the result of a unique process. First, we make a loaf of soap using 100% coconut oil and then we grind it by hand and mix it with citric acid and washing powder for a safe, sweet smelling cleanser. It will leave your clothes feeling soft and smelling fresh.

Add two tablespoons and run a load of laundry. A little goes a long way!

Soap made with 100% coconut oil, citric acid, and washing powder.

  1. brittonrs26

    This stuff is great. It smells wonderful. It gets my clothes super-clean, and a container lasts a very long time (a full load of clothes only takes a couple tablespoons of detergent).

  2. Jessica Tarar

    I started using this laundry soap over a year ago and will never go back to the typical toxic detergents I previously used. My clothes are always well-cleaned and always smell amazing. One container lasts for a few months.

  3. Reyna

    This laundry soap is excellent. It smells amazing and lasts a long time. I absolutely love it!

  4. Lindsay

    Guys, I’m so glad we stopped in on a short visit to downtown Memphis.. this laundry soap is our favorite purchase of our road trip so far! We were able to customize the scent in the store, so it smells like heaven, and it absolutely cleans clothes just as well as any major brand. Love the short ingredient list too. Thank you so much!

  5. Patty Bradley

    Love it

  6. LadySegaw

    I have always used Tide, Downy and Bounce…like forever. The last time I was in the store, I was asking about the washing powder and couldn’t make up my mind on which scent. I was being pulled between Magnolia and Aqua Spa. The fabulous workers told me to mix them together for what they called “Almost Irish”. I’m sure my mouth was on the floor, because when they mixed it I was in heaven. I immediately knew that’s the scent I wanted. You also have a choice of how light or strong your scent will be. I prefer “more” scent in mine. As far as the washing powder in general, I really like that it gets my towels fluffy & soft and my clothes are really clean. It is wonderful because you only use two tablespoons for a large load or one for a small load and no softener or dryer sheets! Brilliant!

  7. renicadt

    I’m in love with this stuff!

  8. cherylahimes (verified owner)

    Love, Love, Love! Purchased Love Potion Scent and love the scent and gets my laundry clean. Can’t wait to try other scents. Worth every penny.

  9. Jason hardy

    Bought the ferocious beast laundry detergent and used the recommended 2 tbsp and let my clothes soak for a hour. It smelt great when washing but after drying my clothes the scent was gone

  10. Olivia

    I would have never thought to try this stuff, I’ve been using the same laundry detergent for a long time and if it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right? But I got this soap in a sample box and thought I’d give it a whirl when I was running low on my usual stuff. It was AMAZING. I used the two tablespoons recommended and the scent stuck to all my clothes, albeit a little stronger on the clothes that air-dried rather than the ones that went in the dryer. My clothes are soft and smell great and I’m happy to be making the switch away from one more source of unnecessary chemicals in my house!

  11. Miranda Myers

    I bought this almost 4 months ago and I have yet to run out! This detergent isn’t harsh on my skin, smells AMAZING, and keeps my clothes clean. I don’t even have to add a fabric softener! This stuff is honestly a steal at the price it’s at and I will never go to another brand of laundry detergent again. Thank you buff city for creating this amazing product and for making so affordable for a college student!!

  12. Jill Fredrickson

    I like the scents, they all smell great in the container. However, I found that the scent pretty much dies in the dryer. I used the “Dreamcatcher” scent when washing one small item that I hung up to air dry. It still smelled pretty good the next day. I used the suggested two tablespoons with a load of fleece sheets and found that it wasn’t quite enough. There were no suds during the wash and almost no scent when I pulled the sheets out of the washer and the scent was completely gone after drying in the dryer. I’ll use a little more than two tablespoons from now on and I might try a different scent next time to see if there is any difference. I think this soap does a good job cleaning, but didn’t really notice a difference in how well it cleans compared to any other detergent I have used.

  13. Ray

    Love the laundry detergent! The key for lasting fragrance is to ask them to make the scent stronger when mixing in the store. I’ve had to go back and have the shop representative re-mix the soap and scent so the aroma lasts through the dryer, otherwise what’s the point in a custom fragrance, right?! The first time I asked for extra “scent”, there was some pushback, but after I explained, she did what I asked. Not sure if that’s a company policy or just the person’s personality. Definitely ask for a stronger mix!

  14. Reva

    My friend works next to one of the buff soap stores and got me scent sandalwood. Omg I will never go back to tide again it smells so good and stays on my laundry for a long time . I use two tablespoons and it’s been a month and It looks barley used .I love it so much that I had my friend get me a second one . Wish they was a closer Store I’d be in there every week . Also have a soap she got me and it’s so nice

  15. Angela

    I bought the laundry soap yesterday in Pink Sugar – I loved the smell of my sheets and clothes so much that I did 4 loads of laundry 😂 Slept great last night too, it was so relaxing to smell the vanilla/sugary scent on my blankets, smells like a vanilla cake with brown sugar maybe? Good size container as well, considering it softens your clothes too, for 30 loads.

  16. Amy Moore

    I used the Fresh Cotton scent sample on a load of towels and the amazing smell permeated throughout my house while washing. I’m going tomorrow to buy a full size!

  17. Megan Nichols

    Love love love this laundry soap(aqua spa) to be exact.

  18. Helen Schadt

    I just got this for my b-day from my aunt. All I can say is LOVE it!!!! She gave me the narcissist fragrance and the scent is amazing and addictive. It’s making my whole kitchen smell amazing (tiny galley kitchen). I have already done 4 loads and I’m looking for other things to wash, LOL!!! BEST smell ever!!! I’ll never go back to my dollar tree brand. Sooo glad she also gave me the soap as well. Narcissist is IT.

  19. Marguerite Jensen

    You will never have the need for bleach, softeners, dry sheets or fragrance beads once you start using Buff City. It leaves your clothes white, bright,soft and smelling wonderful. This is the only one I will use from now on !

  20. Lauren T

    i bought a sample of the narcissist scent.. first i tried it on my towels it worked amazingly plus its my favorite shower scent for soap and shampoo. I figured i would buy 2 more samples just to be sure and i washed 2 loads of laundry. it smelled so amazing when washing. when transferring the items to the dryer i couldnt smell the scent much and wondered if my clothes were clean but dried them anyways just to see. I am happy to say that they smell amazing afterall and ive smelled my favorite scent on my clothes all day in this horrible humidity and heat. I am going to purchase a jar of my favorite scent tomorrow and will update how its been going 🙂 If u havent tried the bath items soap, body oil/shower spray, and shampoo/conditioner you shoud!!! i am so in love with buff city soaps!!!!

  21. Tammy Smith

    This is the best. I have used Tyler Diva laundry for a very hefty price but this is beyond fantastic for a smidge of the price. I used the scent narcissist and it was perfect. Clothes are clean, and smell delicious!

  22. Maddy

    I have cats and dogs, so I am constantly looking for things to take out that “pet” smell and IT DID!!! The dog blankets smell amazing and the cat pee accident is gone. People standing next to me will even ask me what that smell is weeks after I wash clothes! I have about four scents and I rotate them constantly.

  23. Andrea

    I’ve never been so impressed with laundry detergent in my life! My sister moved to TX (where I live) from Memphis and she left a pair of pants at my house for about a month and they smelled wonderful the whole time, even radiating into the room they were in to make it smell amazing. The scent is perfect, not overwhelming, just a very soft clean smell. I actually enjoy washing my clothes now. Can you make some bathroom and household cleaning spray?! Maybe then I’d also enjoy cleaning!

  24. Victoria Thomas

    My family and I love your products. My grandmother loves the some much y’all should include her in my advertising. 🤣 she’s always telling people to sniff her. That’s how passionate and committed to your products.

  25. Ann Mudge

    My daughter gave me the laundry detergent for my birthday, and I love it. I will be buying more.

  26. Sherry Lawhon

    My daughter introduced me to some of the body products several months ago and loved them. For Christmas she surprised my with the laundry soap. OMG! The fragrance is amazing. My laundry smells absolutely wonderful. So fresh and clean. The fragrance lasts for days too. As others have said it is also great for pet blankets and toys. Freshness hangs in there for a clean smell. I will be ordering more in different scents. Thanks Buff City for this amazing product.

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