Wool Dryer Ball


The Wool Dryer Ball

Scented with signature Buff City Soap fragrances, the Wool Dryer Ball will make sure your clothes dry faster and add a boost of wonderful smells!

Recommended Instructions:

Simply toss in 2-3 dryer balls into your dryer with each load of laundry.

The scent typically lasts 1 month. Return them to any Buff City Soap Makery in the United States to get them scented again! Soap Makeries offer scents beyond those offered online.

Note: If you purchased your dryer ball from your local Soap Makery, please allow your dryer balls to sit at least 1 hour in open air to ensure the fragrance oils properly dry to prevent oil damages to clothes. Properly dried dryer balls will not leak. Dryer balls ordered online will arrive dried and ready to use.

These Wool Dryer Balls are best when used with our bestselling Laundry Soap!

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